A live band called Remoter plays The Fillmore

REMOTER performs LIVE MUSIC at The Fillmore. The first 30 seconds of video have been redacted, while maintaining audio integrity, for reasons of National Security, so be patient. Panic is otherwise advised.

Remoter at Martini Blues, Huntington Beach

The later incarnation of REMOTER live as a duo, featuring The Chimp and Jeff Hefti performing music from The Thicker Skin and some Cameo* covers. 

*REMOTER is not endorsed by Cameo or any other entity.

Remoter at The Gig, West L.A.

REMOTER live at The Gig, West Los Angeles, performing songs from the album "Gun." Enjoy.

Remoter at The Gig, Hollywood

REMOTER playing live at The Gig on Melrose in Hollywood. A great venue. 

Remoter Making Shit Up

Most of the band had a semi-reunion a couple of years back at our studio, J-31 Studios in San Jose. To whit, we concocted a bit of something. 

We made some frequencies and were moving rather erratically for some reason.